Startup and Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

How empathy can impact your bottom line

When we talk about the qualities that a successful entrepreneur and business leader must have, we often talk about things like passion, a strong work ethic, the ability to sell, a great attitude and the willingness to ask for help and to learn. All of these are vital and should not be minimized. But there […]


Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions and Focus on SMART Goals Instead

It usually doesn’t take long for New Year’s resolutions to be broken. In fact, Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert contends that most people fail at their new year’s resolutions because the resolutions are not specific enough. If you want to lose weight, for instance, create a goal with a specific number. This increases the odds of attaining […]


Best age to start a new business

You might think its young people that have the upper hand when starting a new business, but you would be wrong. It’s easy to be under that misconception when Individuals like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk occupy a lot of space in the news and are heralded as examples of successful entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, […]


8 Ways to Find Investors for your Startup

8 WAYS TO FIND INVESTORS FOR YOUR STARTUP Even the greatest products or business ideas , no matter how lean the operation or how big they’ve grown already, will need more capital.  Even the best startups have engaged in fundraising rounds. Of course, the chances of someone randomly showing up at your door with capital is […]


When to Quit Your Job for a Startup

I’m often asked:  “How do I know when to quit my job and work on my startup full-time?” You dream of being an entrepreneur. A full-time commitment to the new opportunity matters. Ideas don’t count. Execution counts. And execution requires focused founders. If no one is working on the opportunity full-time, how will you make […]


How to Hire the Best Candidates for Your Startup (Not Just Those Who Fit the Job)

Hiring the right team is the number one concern of CEOs, according to the 2019 Conference Board Annual Survey. An article in the Harvard Business Review discusses how businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. “They’ve never spent as much money doing it,” Peter Cappelli writes, “And they’ve never done a worse job of it.” […]


8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Own Business

If you’re thinking of finally starting your own business, or maybe even a side hustle, congratulations! There has never been a better time to start a business. Access to global economies is easier than it’s ever been. Testing new ideas via online meetings or surveys has become the norm. Operating a business from home is […]


How to Test, or Validate, Your Business Idea

Testing, or validating, your new business idea significantly reduces the risk associated with starting a new business. It is THAT important! The testing process also helps you articulate your message so it resonates with potential customers, and helps avoid building a product/service that no one wants to buy. So … how do you test, or validate, your business idea? […]


How to Find the Right Co-Founder for Your Startup

You’re thinking of starting your own business. Do you go it alone or do you need a partner? How many people do you know that want to start a business with their best friend? Probably at least a few. Now, how many partnerships do you know that have blown up? Also, probably at least a […]


How to come up with a great business idea

The pandemic caused many awful things to occur, but one of the positive ones has been the incredible surge in new business startups. More businesses have been launched during the pandemic than at any time in the past decade. And many existing companies have been able to grow more rapidly than expected. Why do you […]


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