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86% of small business owners take THIS as an annual salary and other interesting stats about entrepreneurs

Thinking of starting a new business? You might want to take note of some of these interesting stats and you’re likely to increase your odds of succeeding.  Below are 5 startup facts you might not know! 1.     Looking to be your own boss? You’re just like 26% of US business owners who started their […]


12 Lessons learned from Elon Musk

Back in the 80s, there was a series of crazy popular Gatorade commercials that told you to “Be Like Mike”, referencing the great Michael Jordan. These days, if you’re an entrepreneur, we suggest you replace Mike with Elon. Elon Musk has a lot of characteristics that you should emulate if you want to have a […]


The Best Apps for Small Business Owners

Being able to work from anywhere was always the promise we heard about the future in the media. While we might still be waiting for flying cars, our phones have virtually eliminated the need to be in one place to do our work all the time. But, how do you choose the apps that will […]


10 Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. They are young and old; outgoing and shy; number crunchers and wordsmiths.  While they may differ in loads of important ways, successful entrepreneurs share many important characteristics and take the same entrepreneurship steps to success. Are you looking to become an entrepreneur? Have a look at the list […]


Entrepreneurship; The Key To Economic Recovery Post COVID-19

Small businesses and new entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of communities, yet they are under threat by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Supporting entrepreneurs is critical to economic recovery in cities throughout North America. A recent report by Heartland Forward titled, Young Firms and Regional Economic Growth underscored the positive impact that entrepreneurship plays in communities, particularly […]


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