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How to Start a Business in 7 Easy Phases

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The proven, step-by-step program for starting a new business that actually makes money!

Be your own Boss → Follow your Passion → Love what you do.

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“This process works! 100 steps 2 Startup prevented me from making expensive mistakes, and gave me confidence that I was on the right path to success.”
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Alysha D.
Founder Startup Revival stories

The #1 reason new startups fail is:


Nearly 70% of new businesses fail, primarily for this reason.

Entrepreneurs launch their businesses with their exciting million-dollar idea. They spend months building their solution, investing time, money, and effort into its perfection, only to unveil their new “baby business” into the world. To the sound of crickets.

When you build a company like this, it doesn’t take long to figure out:

Um, no one wants to pay me for this.

These well-meaning entrepreneurs fail simply because they built their company on an idea with no market need.

The good news is:

30% of new businesses DO succeed and go on to build thriving companies. And that’s because they build differently.

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What’s the secret that successful entrepreneurs do well...


Successful founders build businesses in a more incremental, risk-reducing way.

They first identify opportunities and prove viability, so they can generate cash flow quickly before investing in a full-blown company.

So, the secret to startup success is in the business-building PROCESS.

Instead of spending months or years building a new business in secrecy and isolation…

Build incrementally. Test at each stage. And if needed, pivot.

As a result, you get proof of your business’s potential BEFORE investing significant amounts of time, money, and energy into its development.

This process works!

Ultra-successful companies like Uber, Twitter, and Airbnb have used the exact same process to become the commercial giants they are now. 

It sounds amazing, right?!

“Yes! But, um, how do I actually DO all of that?”

Let us show you.


100 Steps 2 Startup

A proven & predictable process for starting a business. Based on Lean Startup principles.

(without raising capital or feeling overwhelmed)
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“The 100 Steps program explains concepts that I've had to discover by reading dozens of books. The videos and worksheets in this program helped me and my team shape our ideas into actions. It's really the best way to get a business started!”
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Arsalan Noorafkan
Co-Founder & CEO, Atlys Networks Inc.

The business-building program that takes you from idea to revenue — with as little risk as possible

Divided into 7 Phases, the program includes:

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bite-sized video lessons
that explain each step, including the what and the why (3-5 min. ea.)

icon 100 Steps worksheets

to help you take action on your unique business idea

guided “take action” videos
that show you how to move forward with confidence

Launching a new business can feel completely overwhelming, not to mention risky.

Reading startup books, articles & blog posts has been kind of helpful. Sure, you know a lot, but you’re not entirely clear HOW to turn that “theory” into action.

It’s easy to get distracted by the “sexy” activities like designing a logo, setting up social media accounts, or building a website.

You feel like you’re doing ALL. THE. THINGS.

So, why aren’t you getting closer to creating your dream business?

Meet 100 Steps 2 Startup.

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This online program, based on Lean Startup principles, leads you through a proven and predictable process for creating a business that will make money.

By following the 7 Phases of this action-oriented, step-by-step system you get PROOF of your business’s viability.

In other words, by following this process you’ll know you’re building a business with market potential and a solution that customers will pay for.

With confirmation of market potential comes the confidence you need to invest in developing the business, apply to an accelerator program, or raise capital.

100 Steps 2 Startup was developed by Dr. Sean Wise and refined over 20+ years of work, research, and experience in working with high-growth startups.

Does it work? Yes, it does!

That’s why it’s used by entrepreneurship professors across the U.S., Canada and Australia. And why it has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs get started on their own paths to success.

“The 100 Steps program was very beneficial to our team. As a group of scientists with an already existing prototype, we found value from a business development perspective. A great resource.”
Spenser Crook headshot
Spencer Crook
Co-founder at AquaSignum

2000+ Founders are already using the 7 Phases of 100 Steps 2 Startup to bring their dream business to life

You too can use this online training to:

This founder built her startup, applied to an accelerator & was accepted!

“This program has excellent action-oriented lessons, and embedded self-efficacy.

I was able to focus on the process and not get discouraged from being so far away from the “end goal.”

With my first startup idea, I mistakenly jumped into the “sexy” things like designing a logo, social media, and building a website. Surprise! In 100 Steps 2 Startup, you don’t do any of that until phase 4!

This process helped me build my current startup on a solid foundation.

I did customer validation interviews, problem validation, UVP, etc. The worksheets are powerful tools!

Before 100 Steps 2 Startup, I read business books and watched hours of YouTube videos. The overwhelming amount of info caused analysis paralysis. And I never took any action.

The program's action-oriented worksheets gave me a clear understanding of the next step so I could easily take action.

I used to doubt myself and my abilities, but now I follow the steps with confidence.

I was confident enough in my startup to apply to an incubator program and I am happy to report that I was accepted!”
Elvira Da Silveira photo
Elvira Da Silveira
Founder at My Kairos (www.mykairos.ca)
This founder raised funding & found a new partner

“100 Steps 2 Startup has enabled me and the team at Ftr. to build out and validate our product for launch. We created a successful MVP, raised grant funding and launched our first version of our platform with a record label partner. Thank you!”
Alexandre Martin photo
Alexandre M.
Founder at www.ftrcollabs.com
This founder got the proof he needed to invest in his idea

“100 Steps 2 Startup is the cheat code every founder must use! It helped me understand if my idea was worth the time and money I was about to invest. I never felt overwhelmed. Each step allowed me to not only understand it, but to see my progress first hand.”
Jai K photo
Jai K.
Founder The Ehrlich Consulting & Sales Group (ECSG)
This founder is validating and monetizing new products

“I started my career working at one of the world’s leading startup incubators. 100 Steps 2 Startup is a fail proof way to implement best practices from entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled their ventures. I’ve used the lessons I’ve learned to help startups scale and to launch my latest venture.”
Alysha D photo
Alysha D.
Founder Startup Revival (startuprevival.com)

The 7 phases of creating a successful startup
(that makes you money!)

The proven process is broken down like this:

desktop view of step one

Phase 1: Preparing to Startup

In Phase 1, you develop the mentality of a successful founder. Get up-to-speed fast on the “lean approach” to creating a money-making business.

Phase 2: Finding the Problem

In Phase 2, you identify ideas with market potential, find early adopters (future customers), run customer discovery interviews, and more.

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desktop view of step three

Phase 3: Finding the Solution

In Phase 3, you create the first variation of your solution and get the proof that customers are willing to pay for what you’re building.

Phase 4: Creating the Venture

In Phase 4, you create the business’s brand and online presence. You’ll have the foundation you need to pre-sell your product, service, or SAAS solution.

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Phase 5: Developing the Product, Service, or Software

In Phase 5, you build & test your minimum viable product (MVP). You’ll have proof that customers are buying your solution and feedback to make it even better.

Phase 6: Developing the Market

In Phase 6, you finalize your MVP, automate parts of your processes, test new sales channels, and more.

desktop view of phase 6
desktop showing phase 7

Phase 7: Scaling Up

In Phase 7, you grow. Build a team, find a mentor, pitch investors, raise funding, and celebrate success. 

Take action with simple steps

Follow the 7-Phase process

icon play video

#1. Watch the video lesson.
A short (3-5 min) animated video shows you what to do next and, most importantly, why.

icon 100 Steps worksheets

#2. Complete the task with guidance.
Complete the accompanying worksheet using the "how-to" video.

#3. Continue to the next step.
Continue to the next step and move your business forward.

Try a lesson!

See the simplicity for yourself

Schedule a 15-minute live demo with me, Shari,
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No matter where you’re starting, 100 Steps 2 Startup can guide you to success

No idea? Great idea? It doesn’t matter. By following this process, you’ll make sure you have an exciting idea that’s worth building a business around.

No ideas? Let’s find some.

Your first step will be generating ideas that have strong (and exciting) potential. You’ll get the exact steps and actions you need to take.

When you’ve settled on an idea, you’ll learn how to validate that idea to ensure customers will love it too.

Great idea? Let’s validate it.

Your first step will be validating that you have an idea (problem) worth solving. You’ll get the exact steps and actions you need to take.

And if it turns out your idea doesn’t have good market potential, don’t worry! You’ll learn how to generate more exciting ideas with potential.

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Generate revenue or get your money back. Guaranteed.

This program works.

If you follow the step-by-step process taught inside 100 Steps 2 Startup, you will end up with a revenue-generating business.

We believe in the power of this program so much we GUARANTEE it.

That means you get to use 100 Steps 2 Startup completely risk-free.

Here’s how it works:

If you complete 100 Steps 2 Startup, watch the videos, and do the exercises as instructed and your business doesn’t generate some revenue, we refund your purchase in full.

Simply email us at support@100steps2startup.com with proof that you did the work. And we’ll issue your refund.

Starting a business has never before come with so little risk!

Starting a business has never before come with so little risk!

For less than $6/day for the next month...

Build the business of your dreams using a proven & predictable process

Join 100 Steps 2 Startup today.

100 Steps 2 Startup

Entrepreneur Edition

Get access to the full 100 Steps 2 Startup online program, including:

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Learn from a startup mentor, investor & founder with over 20+ years of experience in creating new ventures

Meet 100 Steps 2 Startup creator and your trusted guide Dr. Sean Wise, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and mentor to over 2000 high-growth startups.

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Dr. Wise has spent 20+ years researching entrepreneurship, mentoring thousands of high-growth startups, and to-date has founded 5 ventures of his own.

This online program is the culmination of decades of research and work — of experiencing what works.

Dr. Wise is currently a partner at the seed fund, Ryerson Futures. Through that fund, he has supported more than 23 startups and has invested in 13. Additionally, he helped found Ernst & Young’s Venture Capital Advisory Group in Canada and the startups he has supported have raised more than $2.1 billion.

Dr. Wise is also a best-seller author who has written 4 books, 1 textbook, and dozens of articles on entrepreneurship and venture capital. He’s a regular contributor to Inc.com and has also been involved in exciting TV show launches, including Canada’s Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank in the US) and the Oprah Winfrey Network’s The Naked Entrepreneur.

Dr. Wise has been featured in:
CNN Financial logo
Profit Magazine logo
Fox News logo
The Globe and Mail logo

Won Startup Canada 2014 Mentor of the Year

Helped launch the hit reality TV show Dragons’ Den

Was nominated for 2019 AOM Innovation in Pedagogy Award

Won 2020 Dean’s Teaching Award at Ryerson University

“Clear, concise, and actionable advice”

“Dr. Wise is the Dr. Phil of Entrepreneurship. No matter the venture or the industry, Dr. Wise provides clear, concise, actionable advice. He literally gave us the step by step instructions we needed to go from idea to revenue.”
Phil Raffi
Phil Raffi
Founder at VooVo
“Why learn from mistakes when you can learn from Wise?”

“No one gives better, more actionable advice than Dr. Sean Wise. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Wise’s wisdom saves you time, money, and most of all heartache. Why learn from mistakes when you can learn from Wise?”
Andrea Romero
Andrea Romero
Founder at Joe Fresh Innovation Fashion Zone
“Fantastic mentor, deep thinker”

“Dr. Wise has been a fantastic mentor for my business. He is an incredibly deep thinker that takes the time to understand not just what he is advising about, but also the person(s) he is advising. I highly recommend Dr. Wise to anyone looking to have their business assessed and accelerated from all angles.”
Jason Silver
Jason Silver
Co-founder at Partnershop
“Hard-hitting, practical, actionable advice”

“He gives hard-hitting, practical, actionable advice. I would recommend that any startup founder looking for clarity should call upon the wisdom of Dr. Wise. This guy knows the 100 Steps 2 Startup success.”
Sedarius Tekara Perrotta
Sedarius Tekara Perrotta
Founder at Neuron Global

“Do you guarantee my success?”

… and answers to other smart questions.

Not at all. In the Phase 1 of 100 Steps 2 Startup, you find business ideas worth solving. You can come with an existing idea or without one. It doesn’t matter. This program guides you step by step through ideation and then opportunity evaluation. So, you can be confident you’re building a business on an idea with market potential.

Yes. In Phase 1, you first validate that your idea is worth pursuing. In other words, are people likely to pay for it? And, if your initial idea turns out to be not-so-viable, you have everything you need to generate more ideas with potential. So, you can be confident you’re building a business on an idea with a good chance of success.

It depends. Everyone’s journey will look different. Your time-to-completion is influenced by factors like:

  • how much time you dedicate to working on your startup,
  • whether or not you’re working alone or with a team,
  • the outcome of your experiments, and
  • how many pivots you end up making along the way.

Don’t worry. The goal isn’t to hurry up and finish.

Simply follow the process step by step and at the pace that best fits you. 100 Steps 2 Startup is always standing by and ready to help you take the next step, and the next, and the next.

Nope. You can work at your current job and follow 100 Steps 2 Startup in your free time. This online program is designed to work on your schedule.

The best part is:

The process helps you find proof of your business’s viability BEFORE deciding to leave your job. If you want to build a successful business with as little risk as possible, 100 Steps 2 Startup is the way.

This process is best suited for creating a product, service, or SAAS-type businesses. Yes, the process taught inside can be used with any industry.

Nope. For your early experiments, modern tools let you set up a digital shop, website, landing pages, or marketing campaigns easily without writing a single line of code.

If you end up building software, a custom web application, or mobile app, you may eventually need to hire a coder or learn some skills yourself.

That said, by this point, 100 Steps 2 Startup will have already helped you test your solution (manually), identify your first customers, and potentially generate early revenue (by selling the results of the manual solution).

So, by the time you’re ready to invest in coding, you will have the proof and confidence that this is a business worth building.

We suggest you budget about $500 for testing and validation. You will use this money for things like buying domain names, testing Google Adwords campaigns, and purchasing the software you need for experiments.

Extra funding may be required at a later stage. That said, such funding can be raised through early revenue generation.

Then, when it’s time to scale (Phase 7), you learn how to seek out other funding sources (like angel investments or venture capital) and use the proof of your business’s market viability to get it.

Yes! This process works if you follow it. Complete the steps and do the exercises as instructed. And you will end up with a revenue-generating business.

In fact, we guarantee that outcome, so you can get started building your startup risk-free. It’s simple:

Generate early revenue (by following 100 Steps 2 Startup) or get your money back.

Simply email us at guarantee@100Steps2Startup.com.

Please include your name, last 4 digits of your credit card, and the date of your purchase. Our staff will reach out within 5 days.

Please keep in mind that proof of completion of all 100 steps and exercises is required to qualify for the guarantee. For more details, visit 100Steps2Startup.com/terms-and-conditions.

In as little as 90 days, you could already have your first paying customers

Imagine finally launching the business of your dreams with solid proof that it’s going to work.

Imagine waking up each morning excited, motivated, and focused because you know exactly what to work on next… and next… and next.

Imagine taking action easily and seeing progress quickly.

Imagine finding your first customers and getting them to pay for what you’re building.

Imagine having the confidence you need to step into your successful founder status.

Imagine doing all that and being to spend more time with your family and friends.

With 100 Steps 2 Startup, each step you complete brings you that much closer to a viable business model.

Yes, in 90 days, you could even have your first paying customers.

That’s because this program is a step-by-step roadmap for building a product, service, or SaaS business that makes money.

Use this proven and predictable process for going from idea to revenue with as little risk as possible.

Start 100 Steps 2 Startup today and get the full online program including:

… all for $297 – 40% OFF 

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Starting a business has never been so easy with 100 Steps 2 Startup.

“With 100 Steps 2 Startup, we learned how to seek out REAL opportunities and build a company step by step.”
Myles W.