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Startup Canada Podcast: Dr. Sean Wise on the Science Behind Startups

Entrepreneurship isn’t a guessing game. Every day, more resources become available for new business owners, for those looking for funding, and for the seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to exit. Dr. Sean Wise understands the building blocks required to avoid unnecessary risk and to overcome avoidable failures.

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5 Things This Professor Can Teach You About Success After Studying 30,000 Business Pitches

You can learn a lot from studying one business pitch. You can learn even more from studying 30,000. Sean Wise, an entrepreneurship professor at Ryerson University, start-up expert and best-selling author, says he’s always receiving pitches. Whether he’s at a restaurant with his family or heading to the restroom, he says, there’s someone eager to pitch a business idea.

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4 Tips for Coming Up with Investory-Worthy Side Hustle Ideas

The best idea in the world isn’t going to get off the ground without money. Thankfully, there’s one financially savvy group that can help you turn your idea into a reality: investors. In a recent interview I did with angel investors Brad Feld, founder of Foundry Group, and Dr. Sean Wise, the importance of making your side hustle “investor-worthy” came up several times, and it got me thinking: What are the best ways to grab the attention of potential investors? How can you get them to be enthusiastic enough about your big idea to be willing to invest big money?

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Ibiyemi Balogun

Felt like Sean Wise was my personal coach, cheering me on

I’m currently using this program in my MBA entrepreneurship class and I have to say it is FANTASTIC! Plus I feel like Sean Wise is my personal coach, cheering me on! The platform has certainly helped me a TON. It’s great for learning how to start your own business.

Perfect for online learning

“The 100 Steps program was a perfect fit for distance education.”

Providing an experience beyond the textbook

“100 steps to startup elevated the learning experience for business and non-business students, providing them with an experience beyond the textbook.  The online videos, worksheets and classroom activities enhanced their social learning experience.  Students reported higher levels of engagement, interest and energy with their approach to entrepreneurship with the 100 steps as their guide.”

A Vital Resource to Entrepreneurial Educators

“Dr. Sean Wise’s 100 Steps 2 Startup™ program is a unique, easy-to-follow approach to starting any venture. It is a vital resource to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship educators and others interested in implementing lean startup principles. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning how entrepreneurship is done in the 21st century!”

Achieve your goal

“The 100 Steps 2 Startup™ program allowed me to get my ideas on paper and execute a plan to best achieve my goal!”

Andrea Romero

Saves you time, money and most of all heartache

“No one gives better, more actionable advice than Dr. Sean Wise. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, Dr Wise’s wisdom saves you time, money and most of all heartache. Why learn from mistakes when you can learn from Wise?”

Phil Raffi

Clear, concise, actionable advice

“Dr. Wise is the Dr. Phil of Entrepreneurship. No matter the venture or the industry, Dr. Wise provides clear, concise, actionable advice. He literally gave us the step by step instructions we needed to go from idea to revenue.”

Ildar Shar headshot

100 Steps to take in order to succeed

“Dr. Wise provided a very clear and concise advice about the 100 Steps to take in order to succeed.”

Sedarius Tekara Perrotta

I recommend the wisdom of Dr.Wise

“Dr. Sean Wise is deserving of “Startup Mentor of the Year”. He gave hard hitting, practical, actionable advice. I would recommend that any startup founder looking for clarity should call upon the wisdom of Dr.Wise. This guy knows the 100 steps to startup success.”

Jason Silver

Business assessed and accelerated

“Dr. Wise has been a fantastic mentor for my business. He is an incredibly deep thinker that takes the time to understand not just what he is advising about, but also the person(s) he is advising. I highly recommend Dr. Wise to anyone looking to have their business assessed and accelerated from all angles of the business model canvas.”

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