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100 Steps 2 Startup™ is for people who ask themselves ...

  • Where do I find a great business idea?
  • How do I know if my idea is worth launching?
  • How do I know if this is the best opportunity for me?
  • What are the next steps I should take to successfully launch my idea?
  • How do I know when it’s the right time to quit my job?
  • How do I fund my business?
  • How can I learn from successful entrepreneurs?
  • How do I receive the guidance I need to ensure my idea becomes successful?
  • How do I minimize the risk of failing?
  • What can I do to increase the probability of startup success?

100 Steps 2 Startup™ is an easy-to-follow, 7 Phase program developed by an award winning startup mentor for people who want to start their own business. Based on the proven Lean Startup methodology, it will lead you step-by-step from idea to revenue with as little risk as possible.

If you already have your million dollar idea, 100 Steps 2 Startup™ will show you how to test your idea to and tweak it based on customer feedback so that it is ready for your market. No idea? No problem! The program will help you identify a problem and find a solution that fits your knowledge and strengths.

What’s included in 100 Steps 2 Startup™

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100 Bite-Sized Intro Videos

Each step begins with a bite-sized intro video to help you understand the purpose of the task and why it is important. (3-5 min)

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80+ Actionable Worksheets

After each Intro Video, you’ll be ready to apply the task to your OWN startup. 100 Steps 2 Startup™ is not a theoretical virtual classroom. It’s a hands-on guide to building your own startup. How does it do that? After the first few background videos, each Step includes an actionable Worksheet to assist you in completing the task successfully, so you can move forward in building your business.

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80+ Easy-to-Follow Worksheet Completion Videos

You may have questions about the task or the Worksheet. To help you answer some of the questions, each worksheet is accompanied by a Worksheet Completion Video in which Dr. Wise explains the task and guides you through the Worksheet with examples.

The 7-Phase, business-building Process Breaks Down Like This:

desktop view of step onePhase 1: Preparing to Startup
(steps #1-6)

In Phase 1, you develop the mentality and approach of a successful founder. Get up-to-speed fast on the “lean approach” to creating a money-making business, be introduced to the simple tools you’ll be using, set SMART goals, and learn the 6 traits of a successful entrepreneur so you can get started with a solid foundation.

desktop view of phase 2Phase 2: Finding the Problem
(steps #7-18)

In Phase 2, you find your unique business sweet spot: the intersection between the customers you are going to serve and the problems those customers need solved. Identify ideas with unmet market potential, find early adopters (your first future customers), run customer discovery interviews, and more. Now, you can move forward with an idea worth building a business on.

desktop view of step threePhase 3: Finding the Solution
(steps #19-29)

In Phase 3, you craft the first variation of your solution. You identify gaps in existing solutions, sharpen your unique value proposition, design your first offer experiment, and test it with real potential customers. So, you get the proof that customers are actually willing to pay for what you’re building.

Phase 4: Creating the Venture
(steps #30-51)

In Phase 4, you create the business’s brand and online presence. You’ll register your business, build your website, check for trademarks, set up your marketing and sales channels, and more. So, you’ll have the foundation you need to pre-sell your product, service, or SAAS solution.

desktop showing phase 5Phase 5: Developing the Product, Service, or Software
(steps #52-65)

In Phase 5, you test your first sellable minimum viable product. Map the buying process, figure out pricing, build your MVP, and run your first sales experiment. So, you’ll have the proof that customers are buying your solution and the feedback to make it even better.

desktop view of phase 6Phase 6: Developing the Market
(steps #66-79)

In Phase 6, you pave a profitable pathway to your best customers. Learn how to finalize your MVP, automate parts of your processes, test new sales channels, and more. All so you can find even more potential buyers and turn them into happy customers.

desktop showing phase 7Phase 7: Scaling Up

(steps #80-100)

In Phase 7, you gear up to grow. Build a team, find a mentor, pitch investors, raise funding, and most importantly, celebrate your success. You made it!

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With 100 Steps 2 Startup™ You Will Learn How To:

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  • Pick the right customer segment
  • Find an unmet market need (problem to solve)
  • Find your first customers (early adopters)
  • Develop your customer persona
  • Determine your product’s benefits
  • Create your UVP (unique value proposition)
  • Research your competitors
  • Craft your elevator pitch
  • Use a lean canvas

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  • Name your venture
  • Secure a domain name
  • Create a brand
  • Register for a bank account and taxes
  • Create an explainer video
  • Set up website landing pages
  • Set up a blog
  • Secure your IP
  • Set price

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  • Create a minimum viable product (mvp)
  • Calculate life time value & cost of a customer
  • Test customer channels
  • Find a mentor
  • Determine your startup valuation
  • Determine how much capital to raise (if needed)
  • Craft an investor presentation
  • Raise funds
  • Survive investor due diligence

Are you ready to:

Be your own boss?

Gain flexible work hours & more time with family/friends?

Work on something you are passionate about developing?

Help your community?

Want to get started but don’t know where to begin?

This program is designed to help you identify an idea worth launching – and then take you step-by-step through the process of developing, testing, building and selling your new venture with as little risk as possible.

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