How To Build a Brand for Your Startup

The thought of building a brand for a new startup can sometimes be daunting for those who think they are not especially creative. But truthfully – this is the fun part! The key to building a recognizable brand is: message consistency. The following 3 questions form the base for building a brand and establishing a message.

What feelings or emotions do my customers have?

Your company is solving a problem for a particular customer segment and this segment has emotions that may be more prevalent than others. Colours that reflect certain emotions are a great way to relate to your customers through your brand. For example, red is often identified with anger, embarrassment and love. Blue relates to shyness, sadness and calmness. And so on. Begin by making a note of what you think may be your customers’ predominant emotions and then find colors that are relevant. A helpful tool to find colors is

How do I want them to feel after using my solution?

After customers use your solution do they feel more confident, happier or excited? All of these emotions could be used to find the type of font for your branding. For example, if your customer feels strong you could choose a bold font. Ultimately you want to choose aspects that will truly connect and resonate with your customers. A tool that is helpful is Here you can find hundreds of different types of fonts and compare styles.

What 3 adjectives would I like my customers to use after using my solution?

Thinking about adjectives you would like customers to use after using your solution is beneficial when choosing different elements of your logo. Depending on the name of your solution and your elevator pitch you could use these adjectives to add to your design or to make it more unique. Remember don’t make your logo too busy because this could cause confusion once used on different platforms.

You will use the answers to these 3 questions to guide you through creating your brand. It is important for you to know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to branding and you shouldn’t overthink it too much. You want to be good enough today because it is better to get out the door today than it is to wait. Things change and new competition enters the market. So the faster you get out, the better chance you will have to build something great.

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